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You are not walking this Earth alone. Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in spirit form surround you. They provide you assistance, guidance, energy, messages on a daily basis.

"Best Sedona Psychic"
by Sedonans & Psychics across the US

Robin Amanda Kelley is a Psychic Channel - Clairvoyant, providing direct information from the Spirit Realm to you. Unfiltered. Since 1989. She sees, hears & feels the information, then relays direct messages to you. Clairvoyant (sees); clair-audient (hears) and clair-sentient (feels). You receive recording of your confidential session.

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Robin is an expert Sedona Guide and intuitive Energy Healer.
No longer offering Tours. If you spoke with Robin about a tour, you're safe.  Robin is releasing a Self-Guided Vortex Book May 2014.

If you'd like to recharge, relax, Reconnect With Your Beautiful Spirit -
Engage Robin's talents as a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher Level III & Elemental Energy Healer. Robin uses Sedona's Natural energies combined with Native American, Ancient Celt & Asian methods to help you heal on many levels.

Wednesday April 9, 2014

 As in Ancient times, people visit Sedona to quiet their minds, shake off stress, or heal their Soul.

Springtime is one of most popular times to visit. Our weather is warm but not too hot. Blue skies, red rocks and inner peace await you.


            Office Hours: Thurs-Mon 10a-7p. By Appointment Only. Closed Tuesdays.
         Same Day Appointments are rare. Normal Availability 5-7 days after your request.

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West Sedona Views
Mountains & Canyonlands from West Sedona AZ.

Robin Amanda
Sedona Spirit Connection
50 Stutz Bearcat, Suite 2
Sedona, AZ 86336
By Appointment Only
(928) 451-5107
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