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 2012:  Trends & Sedona
April 19, 2012

2012 trends continue reflecting Numerology's Number Five theory of freedom, travel, imagination, communication, change & creativity.

First Quarter 2012 statistics reveal increased activity in Social Media networks, Internet Communication, Tourism, e-Book sales, ancient philosophies, and expansions of new media & marketing networks designed to reach larger audiences. Mercury rules this year. It's all about Communication. Express yourself.

If you've felt restless or sleepless this year, you're simply sensing the highly charged Mercurial "change" energy of 2012. Changing a small part of your daily routine, subtly transforming your environment, or traveling more this year, will help you feel more balanced & centered. Even moving pieces of furniture or wall hangings can ground you.

2012 - Year of Travel - Sedona

On April 1, 2012, I returned to my Sedona office surrounded by the magical, majestic Red Rocks - after an extended visit to Houston.

While my senses are always connected to Mother Earth and Sedona's energies, I was awestruck by the power of pure, positive, activating yet stabilizing, healing forces rising from every Red Rock formation and encircling the town. I hadn't sensed this power in Sedona since 2002.

I sense more loving & nurturing Native Spirits hovering right now, waiting to lovingly assist visitors and Verde Valley residents.

If you haven't visited Sedona yet, this is the best year to do so.

The Spirit Realm stands ready to assist you. Enjoy a confidential, recorded Psychic Session (phone or in-person), a Reiki or Elemental Energy Healing or a Sedona Vortex Experience.

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