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  2012: Year of Changes

This will be a fascinating, ever-evolving year of Transformation, Innovation and Change. Most changes will be temporary (e.g. socio-economic & political peaks & valleys), settling down in 2013. If you wanted to break away from the mold for a while, 2012 is your year!

The primary focus of the year is personal: it's all about you - your spiritual & emotional needs manifested. The Spirit Realm will be closer to us this year. It's a wonderful year for enhancing your inner knowing, developing your ESP, connecting with your soul, soul family, Mother Earth, reuniting with old friends & family members, and completing items on your soul blueprint "wish list" that you started in 2009 & beyond. 2012 fuels our passions, reconnects us to our spirit.

The changes you'll see in your external environment reflect the momentum & fuel available to you for manifesting new directions in your life. It's a wonderful year to travel, venture out from your normal routine, be creative, innovative in your approach & learn new things. Stay alert to the endless possibilities this year. Changes can be very positive when we view them with an open mind & adventurous heart.

2012 will show us "We are what we believe." If you thought 2011 was an easy year to manifest, 2012 magnifies it. We'll see our thoughts & ideas manifest faster. Remember: If you think it, you can be it. Mercury's quick wit, charm & lightning speed rules this year. Pay close attention to your desires & goals. Opportunities abound for you when you're alert & focused on what you want.

Stay focused on what brings you inner joy, satisfaction, happiness and sense of accomplishment. It's an optimal year for travel, creativity (thinking outside the box), reconnecting with your intuition & soul voice and enjoying the fruits of your 2011 labors.

The flow of information (both ethereal & physical) will intensify this year at lightning speed, courtesy of Mercury the Messenger. Use your inner guidance system (intuition) to filter truth from fiction. Excessive misinformation, fear, negativity, corruption, distractions may rise. Balance by staying focused on YOU - what you want, who you are, who you want to be. Inner Focus, meditation & using your intuition are best practices for optimizing all the opportunities available to you this year.

May the innovative energies of 2012 remind you of your expansive talents, strength of character & beliefs, and ignite your soul's desire toward ultimate happiness.

Robin Amanda Kelley
(928) 451-5107