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Robin Amanda Kelley, Sedona Spirit Psychic
Robin Amanda Kelley is a gifted Psychic Channel & Clairvoyant with over 25 years direct experience assisting others with their personal & spiritual growth.

From 2008-May 2014 - she also provided Spiritual Sedona Vortex Tours for clients. She stopped providing Vortex Tours in May 2014 due to new US Forestry Service restrictions. They only allow a very limited amount of Vortex Guides on Federal Land now. She is currently working on a Vortex Handbook - a Guide for Individuals to make the best out of their Vortex visits - without a personal guide.

If you're looking for a Spiritual Vortex Tour that also explains the history & geology of Sedona, Earth Wisdom Tours closely resembles Robin's tours, without her added Psychic Reading or Energy Healing components. Ask for Larry or Kevin as your Guide. They are the best. Larry Sprague is Sedona's Walking Encyclopedia for almost 20 years & he explains how Sedona's Vortex energies play a role in the balancing act of humanity - similar to Robin's past tours.
In 1989, Robin began using her intuitive, psychic & clairvoyant gifts to benefit others. Her newspaper and magazine articles cover the resiliency of the human spirit - individuals' strengths through struggles with Domestic Violence, Catastrophic Illness (Multiple Sclerosis, Cancers), financial, personal & human losses.
Houston native with a degree from Texas A&M University, Robin's background covers corporate positions at Fortune 500 firms, counseling work and using her psychic-clairvoyant & energy skills.  
She spent most of her college years in the school of Engineering - learning about energies, theories, how to apply them scientifically, materially, then switching to International Business.
Robin Amanda Kelley at Red Rock Crossing with friends & dogs.As a Crisis Hotline Volunteer and Crime Victim Counselor for Homicide Survivors and Domestic Violence victims, she provided assistance, guidance, counseling & support - targeting Grief Recovery and guiding victims through the Criminal Justice system.
Featured on BBC, CNN, CBS' 48 Hours, Good Morning America, Court TV and an HBO documentary in 1996.

Robin appeared on Popular Dutch TV Show "Erica's Travels" in September 2012. To see how Robin works, CLICK HERE. Her segment starts at 29:30 Mark. The 40-min TV program is a wonderful expose about Arizona and Nevada. What the Dutch consider "The Wild West." Worth watching. The link may no longer be available - over 2 years old.

"We each have the power within us to build our lives into whatever form we desire. We are meant to enjoy life."
-- Robin Amanda Kelley

view from Airport Mesa vortex. Sedona AZ
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