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Angel Coaching

Angel Coaching
Angel Coaching
Achieve your Goals with help from your unique set of Spirit Guides. 6-session course. $1,200 Total Fee. Clients love this. 85% Success Rate!
Clients are amazed at their results from this program. First introduced March 2016.

Talk privately with your Unique Spiritual Team (Spirit Guides, Angels, Lost Loved Ones) once a week or once every 2 weeks - for 6 total sessions.

Your Spiritual Team wants to help you succeed. That is their job! Their #1 reason for existing is to provide you information and motivation so YOU reach your FULL potential and attain or surpass your goals.

Receive guidance, motivation and suggestions from your Spiritual Team on the most effective ways to reach your goals, conquer obstacles, prepare for upcoming opportunities.

They'll remind you of your Soul Blueprint, your soul goals, your unique gifts, talents and soul vision for your life.

Set 2-3 specific goals to achieve (no more than 3). Stick to those goals throughout 6-session program. Deviating from goals during sessions will confuse the energies and make your Coaching Sessions less effective and more time-consuming.

You choose the day of the week for your Private Coaching Sessions - either weekly or biweekly. Each call lasts 30-minutes to 1 hour. 
Your first session fine-tunes your goals. It could last up to 90 minutes.
(1) What you want to accomplish (up to 3 goals)
(2) Tools you possess to accomplish them
(3) Estimated Timeline to achieve.

Goals can be related to career, money, investments, relationships, your soul voice (intuition) or learning mediumship.

6-Session Program.
Fee: $1,200
Can be split into 2 payments

Have you wanted to achieve something for years or decades and nothing happens? This is your program!

2017 is YOUR YEAR to start new projects, achieve new things, learn new things.

Take advantage of 2017 energies to help you succeed!

"I've wanted to move back to Arizona since 2013; get a great job & new home. By my 3rd session, I had 2 interviews in AZ. By 6th Session, we were packing truck for AZ relocation. I had new AZ job & found new AZ home. This is a fabulous program!"
---Tim M., Killeen TX (now Phoenix, AZ)

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