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 Connecticut School Tragedy

We pray. We cry. We wonder why. We cherish our loved ones. Shock, sadness, anger & uncertainty flood our senses as we hear the latest news about the CT shootings.  We remember life is fragile, short & precious. We remember those lost. We’re reminded that some people snap & focus on hurting people. We wonder why. We wonder how it could happen. We remember life is fragile.

The souls of yesterday's victims are being loved, supported and embraced by the Spirit Realm. The survivors who remain with us today need our prayers and support.

As the sole surviving sister of double-homicide by two gunmen, my heart & soul float to the survivors and surviving family members. They will never be the same. Their journey will be long, grueling, unimaginable and unfathomable. It could take an entire lifetime to heal their individual pain. Very few people can understand or imagine what it’s like to lose a loved one to murder. How long it takes, how it feels, how they’ll react. If it does not happen to you, feel compassion for the surviving families, pray for them, then feel grateful for your family and loved ones.

Survivor’s guilt affects everyone when a major catastrophe occurs. Feeling guilty that your loved ones are alive - that's a futile exercise producing more harm than good. Feel grateful your loved ones are still alive. God/The Universe/Spirit Realm gave you a wonderful gift. Treasure it. Appreciate your life. Appreciate your Sacred Path, your Spirit Guides. Cherish the moments you have now. That's the lesson.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Duality. Dark and light. Evil and good. Sanity and insanity. To move closer to the “Light”, sometimes we’re reminded of the darkness. These experiences test our faith, beliefs, methods of living, causing each of us to re-evaluate. Yesterday reminded us that duality still exists on our planet. Duality will exist for as long as humans inhabit the planet. Even if we don’t see it every day, it exists. If we don’t see it, we are blessed. Be grateful. Appreciate your life and those you love. Thank the Spirit Realm, God, The Universe for your blessed life. Life is short.

Yesterday’s tragedy also raises the Gun Control topic again. Gun Control is not the answer. Re-evaluating how we recognize and treat mental and emotional illness is. Tucson Tragedy, Colorado Theater shooting, yesterday’s massacre and Columbine – signs were there, signs were the same: young kids with severe emotional, mental instability. Many drugs on the market, given by doctors, therapists and psychiatrists, are proving extremely ineffective and/or volatile. Re-evaluating mental & emotional treatments is the best first step.

Appreciate your life. Appreciate your loved ones. Remember that others appreciate you, love you, cherish you. We never truly know the exact moment when our lives change - for better or worse. Life is precious and fragile. Appreciate its abundance, blessings, obstacles and loving surprises.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley