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 December 2012 - Thoughts
December 21, 2012 resonates with mystery, myth & intrigue since we first began decoding the multi-dimensional Mayan Calendars in the 1880s.
Many connect this date with the end of the Mayan's 5,125 Year cycle ( Debate continues whether December 21, 2012 matches the Mayan, or whether it occurred in October 2011.
What is clear: the Mayan Calendar resets to its nuclei (original calendar date of There is no hard evidence predicting an apocalypse or human doom at the end of the Mayan Calendar cycle. Earth & human life will continue to exist on Dec. 22.
I've studied the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus & other 2012 prophecy theories since the late 1970s. Combining my studies with current clairvoyant information, the "Transformation" and "shifts" are internal, within each of us, more than external. We're remembering our soul knowledge, connection and wisdom of the ages, while staying in our human bodies, living on this abundant planet.
We're remembering our connection with all things - other individuals, the Spirit Realm, our innate abilities to communicate with that realm, sense Spirits around us, our connection with Mother Earth. We see mysteries revealed that we once feared, with the help of the internet. We're rediscovering our intuition, new knowledge of the world around us & how we can shift it based on our desires & intention. We're returning to who we are: re-awakening.
This is the message from the Maya & other ancient cultures during this time. We've always been connected, tuned in, to these powerful mystic forces that we once denied ourselves. Now we can practice & use them more.
In my opinion, the Mayans played a wise trick on us. Because some of us feared the clock ticking on human civilization, we ramped up our journey to spiritual enlightenment. We thirst for soul knowledge, soul connectivity, resolving conflicts within ourselves & others. As a result, we feel "lighter" as we walk the Earth - more balanced, compassionate, loving, able to manifest, adapt & shift faster.
We are connected to Mother Earth. So when she shifts, so do we. The galactic movement in December will affect us, just as normal planetary alignments affect us - moon cycles, gravitational pulls from planet alignments, pole shifts, Solar Flares, etc. The shifts we feel now have been happening since 2011, if not before. We're living our Transformation right now.

There is a possibility of water or electrical outages in the next few months. These look unrelated to galactic or planetary shifts. More related to US & global economies, infrastructures or isolated events. To be on the safe side, please keep a 3-month supply of medications, water, gas, cash and food on hand.
Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley