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Israeli-Palestine Conflict
July 26, 2014

I was born and raised Catholic. Past Israeli-Palestinian conflicts had little effect on me. This time is different. The Spirit Realm, God and my Angels wake me every morning, showing me the horror that could be, the horror that could spread globally, the horror created by Jihadists. I write this because I'm compelled by The Spirit Realm and all its positive forces.

The Spirit Realm wants peace in Israel & Palestine. So do most Palestinians & all Israelis. Unfortunately, Palestinians voted in Hamas as part of their government. Hamas is labeled a Terrorist Organization in many countries: European countries, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, and the United States to name a few.

Hamas deliberately puts Palestinians in harm's way. They care more about their cause than human lives. Their cause? Holy War. Their method? Human collateral damage.

Hamas hopes images of Palestinian deaths will support their war and influence the International Community (including United Nations) to provide more financial support to Palestine, empowering Hamas to achieve their ultimate goal: Destruction of Israel and The Jewish State.

The Spirit Realm stands with Israel & Palestine, not Hamas. The Spirit Realm (God-The Universe) stands with Israel as it fights against Hamas. The International Community must side with Israel and its intent to protect its citizens and land.

Israel & Palestine can coexist when Hamas no longer in control. When terrorists no longer control Palestinian territories of Gaza and The West Bank. Israel has showed repeated restraint in its fight to defend its land and people.

Palestinians are afraid of Hamas, powerless to stop them. According to Islamic Code, Muslims may not and cannot oppose other Muslims. It is against Islamic edict. That is the dilemma most Palestinians face.

Hamas needs high Palestinian death toll to further their Holy War cause. They also want Syrians & new ISIS state to help them fight Israel. Hamas aligns with the Muslim Brotherhood - a radical Islamic organization that came to power in Egypt after the Arab Spring. Fortunately, Egyptians quickly pulled them from power during its recent election. The Muslim Brotherhood is also related to Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. Their ultimate goals: Destruction of Israel & Christianity across the globe.

If Hamas succeeds in Israel, either by receiving more financial aid to further their Holy War against Israel, or succeed in destroying Israel through underground tunnels, Hamas' Holy War will spread across the globe.

If that happens, the Holy War has begun - Islamic Jihad. Jihadists like ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah will fight against all Christians and Jews in every country in the world. Europe, Russia, China already experience extremist Islamic crimes, where Islamic extremists commit random acts of violence (e.g. British Soldier killed in the streets in May, 2013).

We must not allow this to happen. The Press is not portraying the Israeli-Palestine conflict in its true light. The Press is not thoroughly investigating, digging deeper into this conflict. We must gently, politely persuade them to see with open eyes - not with Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist eyes.

The Spirit Realm sees a Holy War possibility. They side with Israel. They believe in us - all of us. All peoples across the globe - Muslims, Jews, Christians, non-Christians, Eastern religious, the spiritual non-religious. The Spirit Realm (God) believes we can prevent it. By influencing the press to reveal the whole truth and by influencing Spiritual Forces to protect Israeli & Palestinian innocents.

To sustain peace, Israel must be given their right to defend their land from terrorists. It is quite possible - after this current conflict, the Palestinians will also see with "new eyes" and create a government that will live in peace with Israel. That is the best solution.


How can we, as bystanders, help that region live in peace? Prevent more war, prevent war from spreading?

Pray for it. Visualize it. Twice a day. Know that God-Spirit Realm is listening. Know that your prayer/meditation is powerful. Remember that your Light outshines any Darkness. Don't be afraid of conflicts-darkness. Shine your Light upon it - through prayer, meditation, soul energy, wisdom & knowledge.

-Robin Amanda Kelley, Psychic-Clairvoyant since 1989