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How Robin Amanda's psychic sessions work.
Experience enhanced clarity, expanded awareness, uncover hidden opportunities, talents/gifts, learn steps or tools to help ease your life's journey. 

Receive direct psychic-intuitive information from Your Spirit Guides-Angels-Lost Loved Ones in a safe, confidential environment.  Over 80% of Robin's clients return for follow-up psychic sessions and guidance from their "Spiritual Team" through her psychic talents-gifts. What is a Spirit Guide?

Since 1989, Robin Amanda communicates directly with the Spirit Realm to provide unfiltered information to clients. No filter, no middle man. No topic is off-limits.

Your Spiritual Team knows everything about you. You ask them questions, they answer. It's that simple.

Phone, Email or Office Sessions available - all recorded and emailed to you. Phone and Office Sessions are equally effective. From the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

Bell Rock, Sedona AZAccess Information:                         
Your Best Careers    
Financial Abundance        
Life Lessons
Spiritual Gifts
Your Talents/Strengths                                      
Your Soul Path-Blueprint (Akashic Records, Soul History, Current Lifetime Plan)   

Session Time
15-Mins (phone only)

Your reading mimics kitchen table conversations with your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. You ask a question, your Spirit Guides answer, Robin relays messages & information directly to you - no filtering. Using her skills as a clairvoyant (sees), clair-audient (hears) and clair-sentient (feels).

Follow Robin's Blog: Tips about Spirit Realm: living a connected, intuitive and balanced life.

Suggestion for Psychic Sessions
Bring a list of questions or topics to ask. This helps you get the most robust information on what matters most to you. Your Spirit Guides or Lost Loved Ones will follow your lead. You direct the session.

Your session is recorded & emailed to you (.mp3 file) which allows you to relax during your session. Oftentimes, your Spirit Guides provide healing energy during your appointment.

If you forget information after your appointment, no worries. You'll be able to download your session onto your laptop, iPhone,  Android phone, iPad or iPod - allowing you to hear it as often as you'd like. 
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"I've had readings by several nationally known psychics, including repeat sessions with Allison DuBois. Robin's gift is far superior to them all."
Debbie H, Houston

"My reading with Robin touched me and provided guidance and a useful focus."
Peter P, California 

 "Robin clearly has a psychic gift that will keep me coming back for more! Her ability to tune into key aspects of my life within just a few minutes was really amazing. She saw me doing something I hadn't considered before and, sure enough, I received an e-mail from a business just three days later asking if I could provide that exact same service."
Catherine R, Sedona

Office Hours:
By Appointment Only
Phone Readings Only March 20-31, 2017

Phone Appointments Only March 20-31, 2017
Sedona Office Closed starting March 4, 2017.
Moving Office to Houston, TX effective March 20, 2017.

(928) 451-5107

$60 Deposit Required to Secure Your Appointment


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