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Embrace Your Diversity - Live Your Destiny

Each of us brings diverse talents, abilities & interests into the world we live in today. That’s no accident. Nowadays, we’re taking our talents and interests and expanding them past the boundaries of stereotypes and labels.

Here are some examples of people I know.

Successful psychiatrists, nurses, engineers, CEOs during the week play road warriors on Harley’s or BMW motorcycles on weekends, sporting black leather, Bandito-type bandanas, visiting biker bars, embracing the breeze of the open road. Some people teach our children during the week. On weekends they protest against public policy or drive armored trucks for the National Guard. Realtors, accountants and insurance agents play bingo or black-jack during their time off, retirees travel to exotic lands, hike the Himalayans, run marathons or compete in other athletic events.

We live in an exciting, brilliant world full of possibilities – fertile ground to pursue our interests while using our innate talents, gifts to create a better environment for ourselves and others.

Through social media, we’re able to connect with others who share similar interests, whether they live across the street or across the ocean. These connections allow us to expand our vision, act on our interests, feel connected to others, more confident, accepted for our unique talents & interests like never before.

Some spiritual leaders call these like-minded connections our “soul family”. Feeling connected to like-minded groups makes us happy and confident. When we’re happy and confident, we act on our interests & talents with passion, for the highest good and without judgment or labels. When we’re happy, that happiness flows outward to our physical environment. Guess you could say social media makes us happy! It certainly helps us connect with our “soul family.”

True diversity exists when we live our unique destiny without judgment, labels. By definition, diversity means variety. Variety is the spice of life. Just ask a 75-yr-old marathon runner or a weekend road warrior. Diversity expands past the boundaries of age, race, color, religion. 

When we’re living our destiny, accepting the variety-diversity within us, without judging ourselves, we’re happy. Plain & simple. If my Registered Nurse friend prejudged her interest in riding a Harley or BMW motorcycle on the weekends, she’d miss out on the happiness she feels on the open road with fresh-air breezes, her husband riding next to her and meeting interesting, like-minded people along the way, no matter their ages, backgrounds or religion.

Accepting the diversity in ourselves makes us happy, well-rounded, grounded, more interested in life and more interesting to others. It also helps us accept others and their diversity. When we accept others’ diversity, we feel the true essence of unity.

What are my diverse interests? For the last 25 years, I've followed patterns & developments in American politics, finance (stock-mercantile-commodities exchanges), and the US economy, including employment patterns. I receive clairvoyant messages & verify the information with knowledgeable individuals and news programs to ensure the quality of my psychic connection stays clean & clear.

Over a year ago, I received information about the TEA Party. To verify the information, I attended TEA Party meetings across Arizona and Texas. Met over 400 TEA members, learned about their Core Values, mission, members' motivation, backgrounds. My psychic information was correct: the TEA movement was/is inaccurately misrepresented in the US press. No one I met was/is violent, hostile, or hateful. Met incredibly talented, highly respected & respectful, diverse people from various backgrounds who unite under the TEA banner for a common cause: empowering fellow Americans, rebuilding & strengthening the US economy, seeking & speaking the truth, taking individual personal responsibility for their lives, and following the rule of law and the US Constitution. Their core ideals & self-empowerment philosophy match mine. I've been a proud Sedona TEA Party member ever since. How's that for diversity?

Are you accepting your diversity? Are you acting on your talents & interests? Are you ready to live your destiny and be happy?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, congratulations! Share your story below! You’re allowing your heart & soul to expand past the boundaries of labels, definitions, social conditioning. By doing so, your potential for happiness and fulfilling your destiny is limitless!

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
September 8, 2011

What are your unique Talents & Interests? How do you Embrace your Diversity?
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Sept 8, 2011 - Scott - Houston, TX....
Great piece. Applies to everyone. Me personally...I like to break the stereotype of the typical parent. My kids come first, but just because I'm a father doesn't mean that I have to quit having fun. I'm always ready to hit the town, party or rock out at concerts whenever possible. Gotta work hard, but you also have to play hard!