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Spectacular Sedona - Why You'll Love It
July 20, 2010
Sedona's beauty is spectacular. Its crimson layered rocks whisper for attention with gentleness and offering guidance. Their soft voices echo with each careful step you take on the porous red rock surfaces, reminding you to be gentle as eons of knowledge & wisdom whisper in your ear.
Native Cultures & Tribes color each facet of nature with symbolic names. Standing People (trees); Creature-beings (animals, insects), Plant People, and finally the Stone People (rocks). Natives believe Stone People provide all the history & knowledge of this earthen world we live in, and our own personal records.
Stone People assist you in remembering where you came from and where you're going. They speak to New Understandings - how to focus your intent, dispel confusion, change habits, get grounded, etc. Sedona's Red Rocks lend themselves to these endeavors of new understandings, spiritual enlightenment, new knowledge. Natives traveled here over 4500 (some say 6500) yrs ago - to listen & tap into these Red Rock Stone People's wisdom.
Present-day Sedona & its Red Rocks continue to fascinate, inspire, balance. For those wishing to escape the entanglements and chaotic cadence of city life, you'll find welcomed relief here.
All the creature comforts of our current culture exist with a touch of 1950's Mayberry RFD. 
Enjoy free wi-fi at almost every coffee shop &/or cafe.
If more than 10 cars line up at a stop-light intersection, it's called traffic.  
Shop early! Most parts of town close by 9p. Some shops close by 6p. 
Take a safe (crime-free) stroll under the blanket of this dark sky town, millions of bright stars twinkling above you. Just don't forget a flashlight. Sedona Police & Yavapai County Sheriffs patrol everywhere & often. On bicycles, afoot & in cars. We don't have a donut shop.
Red Rock energies capture your mind? Forget to lock your car doors? No sweat - 95% chance your belongings & car won't be touched. Even if you're gone an hour.
Bring your 4-legged canine! This is a dog-friendly town. Pull up to a drive-thru and your pooch gets a treat. (Wendy's, a local coffee shop, your national bank chain, even McDonald's on occasion). Stopping for a coffee with dog in tow? Leash your pet & bring her/him along.
Best place to hear phrase "take a hike!" We have over 200 trails to choose from. And our temperate weather allows you to enjoy them at least 10 months/year. Just bring 2 bottles of water for every hour you spend out there. Oh - and sunscreen & a hat. No matter what time of year, the Arizona sun is bright!
Frequent a restaurant or bar 2x and they'll recognize you forever. Especially true if you linger for about 2-3 hours. We're a friendly town. Small population (10K). Plus we love seeing people enjoy themselves. That's the true Spirit of Sedona.
Accidentally honk your horn & you'll receive either happy waves or dirty looks. We don't honk unless we're gesturing to someone we know. Honk at a red light to move a car forward in front of you, don't expect applause. We move slow here. That goes double with our new roundabouts. If someone drives slow around them, locals don't honk. Slow drivers remind us how beautiful our hometown is.
Red Rocks too hot for you? We have at least 4 natural swimming holes, several hotel/motel pools and one Sedona community pool.
Sedona locals provide a good cross-section of life. Yuppies, Hippies, New Agers, Generation X's, Y's, etc., Business Leaders, Retirees, Entertainers, Musicians, Writers, Artists, Inventors, Business owners - spanning the globe.
Any age or interest will find fun in Sedona. 
Hiking, cycling, jogging, tennis, golf, swimming, fishing, local wine-tasting, soothing spas, whitewater rafting (Spring), ballooning, skydiving, rock-climbing, plane & helicopter rides, shopping, distinctive art galleries, variety of restaurants from numerous cultures, spiritual enlightenment.
Or simply be still & listen to the ageless wisdom from the Stone People.
Sedona, AZ is a small town with huge possibilities. Enjoy your visit. Stay a while. Sedona welcomes you.....
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Namaste -Robin Amanda Kelley
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