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  Spring 2012

The refreshing energies this Spring feel more intense than ever before. Do you feel it?

This Spring season invites us to shed old patterns, lighten our load and bask in the sunlight of Mother Earth's continual regrowth. She reflects who we are, what we're capable of - if we recognize it.

Spiritually, our souls feel warmed and refreshed by nature's glow, reminding us of the beautiful cycles of life. From the cold, gray harshness of winter grows the warm, colorful blossoms of spring.

Mother Earth reflects physically and visually who we are spiritually and emotionally: constantly evolving souls in physical form. Like us, Mother Earth is capable of beauty and destruction - flowers and thunderstorms. Adapting, moving, shifting either slow and sure like a rosebud or extreme and erratic like lightning in a storm. Storms leave us with greener grass, clear skies. Flowers paint our pathways with vibrant color and sweet fragrances. Both storm and flower serve a unique purpose: balance and beauty.

In 2012, everything around us feels heightened: fear, happiness, comfort, discomfort, trust and mistrust, flow and discourse.

Take advantage of Spring's bright cheery season to uplift your spirits, reconnect you with Mother Earth. Smell the roses, spruce up your garden, home, physical body. Take time to enjoy simple pleasures. Spring's lesson is about renewal, beauty and gratitude for living on such a wondrous, ever-changing and magical planet.

Recognize the Renewal energy living inside you. Enjoy a confidential, recorded spiritual session with your Guardian Angels (phone or in-person), a Reiki or Elemental Energy Healing, or a Sedona Vortex Experience.

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Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit
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