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December 2009
The Age of Transformation
Nostradamus, the Mayan Calendar, the New Age movement, the Bible, and ancient Egyptian and Persian texts speak of the "Age of Transformation."
All describe this time as the portal into advanced human spirituality when we expand our thoughts and beliefs from limiting, "boxed in" views to a larger more inclusive and joyful perspective. It is a time when our soul reconnects to the powers of the Universe - bringing us freedom, more joy, peace and gratitude. When we're working from our soul, we build a better us and a better world. Some experts and spiritual teachers theorize this time as acknowledging that we are all beads on the same string—we are all one—no matter our backgrounds, beliefs, or physical locales. We are so fortunate to be living in The Age of Transformation now.
According to a recent December 8, 2009 study from The Pew Forum on
Religion and Public Life, half of all Americans have experienced a spiritual awakening or insight. That's twice the amount since 1962 and up from almost 35% in 1994. The study also shows that about 25% Americans believe in Eastern or New Age ideas like reincarnation and yoga. These simple statistics illustrate our openness to spiritual expansion, reinforcing the ancients' predictions of The Age of Transformation. 
As we say goodbye to 2009 and prepare for 2010, gratitude and compassion surround us. Those are key elements for spiritual and emotional growth. Christmas and Hanukah provide us with wonderful opportunities to be grateful for our friends and family and give our time or tithes to strangers. As you give of yourself, you're also expanding your spirituality!
During this busy season of giving, don't forget to give to yourself. Allow yourself time to reflect on how far you've come over the past year. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Be compassionate to yourself in areas that may need further development. Breathe in this season and all its wonder and miracles. The miracle is you!
It's no accident that we eat more during the end of the year - it's comfort for a job well done! Expressing gratitude and compassion for yourself is as important this time of year as giving it to others.
Peace and blessings to you and yours.
--Robin Amanda